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Hosting Services
Affordable and reliable hosting plans

North Star Web Services understands how frustrating and damaging website downtime and hacking can be to businesses. You can trust your online business with us. We have the knowledge and experience to keep your websites online and running smoothly.

Choose from one of our high-quality Web hosting plans.


NSWS Light
set up: $20
monthly: $12

- Used with our One Page Web Presence
- The perfect Hosting Plan for Hobbyists & Auctioneers
- 50 GB of bandwidth per month
- 2000 MB disk space
- Email Aliases



set up: $40
monthly: $29.95

- Our most popular hosting plan
- 40GB/month transfer
    ¤ Use as much bandwidth as you need
    ¤ we drop the highest day from the usage calculation
- 500MB disk space
    ¤ Plenty of space for your site and supporting documents
- E-Mail Aliases





set up: $20
monthly: $5.95

- Price is in additional to one of the above hosting plans
- Perfect for auction image hosting
- 20GB/month transfer
- 250MB disk space
- Access by FTP Only